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Beach Volleyball League

India Beach Volleyball Super League :

Coming Soon…

Volleyball is a popular sport played all over India, both in rural as well as urban India. It is a popular recreation sport. India was ranked 5th in Asia, and 27th in the world in 2013. Doing well in the youth and junior levels, in second in the 2003 World Youth Championships. Currently Indian Mens Team’s Rank is 73 in the world. While Volleyball is such a famous game in India, we haven’t heard much about Beach Volleyball getting played In India while we have some of the amazing seashores across various states.

This sport has tremendous potential to grow in India and gather global attention too. A dedicated league will take this sport and the sector around it to new heights inviting national to global participation and investors. This shall directly boost the Sports Tourism to the beach sides of India in many ways.
Beach Volleyball is as a game has global appeal, tremendous fan following and the youth that played Volleyball can easily play Beach Volleyball…it’s just that the platform is missing.

Goa hosted Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour 2023 for the first time.

India hosted the Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour 2023 between October 19-22 in Goa.
Now, the time has come & we have raised the bar with India’s first ever Beach Volleyball League to happen Sept. 2024.

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