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Cult Sports League is a unique opportunity created for the sports & athletic talent in India, To participate in the games which has Global appeal, eyeing Global PR, Global Investors & Sponsors. The games that are played under the umbrella of Cult Sports League are either Played globally but are not played in India OR the games which are generally played in India / Asia, we are innovating that game format for the betterment.
An opportunity to create more opportunities out of the most conducive atmosphere in India for Sports Business and career in Sports sector. An opportunity to look beyond mainstream games and Create buzz for a whole new sector in sports in India.

Cult Sports League is a global opportunity for India to eye International players and teams comingto participate and it indirectly promotes Sports Tourism through the games which are not yet played in India.
Cult Sports League offers humongous set of opportunities to the Athletes…

  • Whole new set of games having global fame and audience.
  • Games with totally new format.
  • Opportunities to play in the team as well as an individual.
  • The games to be held PAN India, Asia and gradually globally.
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